Tao (the way) of Self-Defence


Hello and thanks for visiting my page.

My name is Tom Yung and I’m a martial arts practitioner/instructor and ACE certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise, International Gold Standard in Fitness Training) in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have loved martial arts my whole life and for the past 11 years, I have seriously studied and trained in various martial styles and systems. I have achieved an understanding of practical self-defence through continuous learning, using an evidence-based approach, practice and sparring with martial artists in Canada and in Asia.

Using an evidence-based approach is integral to my teaching. I am not attached to a particular style or form. Rather, I prioritize and am concerned with the most efficient and effective means for personal protection. I incorporate my knowledge as a PT of biomechanics, anatomy and functional movement to ensure my students achieve their goals safely and swiftly. I tailor my teaching method to individual learning styles, student objectives and body type/condition. Training is suitable and encouraged for all ages/genders (19+).

Students can expect to learn the following:

  • Close-quarters combat

  • Centreline striking/protection

  • Redirection and borrowing/using an opponent’s kinetic energy

  • Footwork - stepping, kicks, sweeps, trips and stomps

  • Efficient and effective ways to free yourself from holds/grabs

  • Generation of power through body alignment, structure and rooting to the ground

  • Sensitivity and reflexes

  • Initiation of contact with an opponent

  • Controlling an opponent through contact

  • Occupying an opponent’s space while maintaining control

  • How to develop speed

  • How to develop accuracy

  • Timing/gauging distance

  • Safe and controlled training methods - solo and with partners

  • The difference between combat sports and real life combat

Many of these skills crossover to regular life. Even if you never use your self-defence skills, you will enjoy living with improved health, posture, and coordination. Primarily we focus on the acquisition, practice and honing of self defence skills, but martial arts training has numerous additional benefits.